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product design

Our strength lies in creating innovative products that surprise and delight and give a welcome boost to our clients’ business. Our clients’ brand values and vision are the primary point of departure for each project.

Ideas are created and communicated in clear sketches and mock-ups for optimal presentation and evaluation. Our strong team of creative engineers goes on to finalise the design, which is delivered in the form of 3D CAD files and realistic prototypes created by our in-house modelling workshop.

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product styling

In the case of trend-sensitive products or in product categories where there is limited opportunity for using 3 dimensional shapes, styling is key to designing a successful product. Styling exercises can also be used to extend the lifespan of existing products.

Product styling means: colour advice, product graphics, material specifications and patterns. Vanderveer Designers’ team of styling, colour and graphic design specialists has extensive experience in creating styles for complete product portfolios. We visit leading fairs and events in order to identify annual fashion and style trends. This keeps us up-to-date and helps us forecast trends for our clients.

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automotive design

Automotive design is a speciality in itself: complex and emotional shapes where surface definition and highlighting are extremely important.

It differs from product design in that the scale is much greater. Automotive products such as cars, trucks, coaches and other products like yachts and agricultural equipment require a special design approach and styling that both accentuates the different proportions and respects visual and emotional perceptions.

Automotive design projects are complex and require large multidisciplinary teams. So designers have to be flexible and able to anticipate effectively. The automotive design team at Van der Veer Designers has proven its capabilities as a strong partner in many successful projects.

A unique discipline of which we are justifiably proud.

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brand identity

Products define a brand image to a major extent. Building a strong and consistent brand image is achieved through products that communicate the brand values and relate coherently to each other.

Creating a strong brand identity requires the use of a consistent style, both within a coherent product family and in other aspects of communication such as logos, photography, the website, etc.
Our wide-ranging skills in graphic and product design help us manage and improve our clients’ brand identity and ensure its evolution in line with new design developments.

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strategic partner

As an integral part of the creative process or as a unique service, the people at Vanderveer Designers have broad experience in offering internationally active companies strategic support in the area of design, brand identity development, product portfolio composition and innovation processes.

A product is one of the primary ways of communicating brand content. Two issues are crucially important within the context of a design strategy:

- identifying the company’s brand values, brand vision and goals and needs.
- determining how these are to be reflected by the product portfolio, development roadmap and actual design execution.

Every company is unique and all situations are different. Sometimes a brand vision is leading in the product development process, sometimes product development leads to new brand visions. This dynamic approach has proven to be very valuable in many of our projects. Our surprising designs often open our clients’ eyes to unexpected potential that is inherent in their brand, or possibly even in their company as a whole.

At Vanderveer Designers, advice on design strategy goes hand in hand with product development. No boring reports, just tangible results. That is one of the qualities that set us apart.

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Through the years, the projects we have worked on have won numerous awards. This makes us proud but also helps our clients selling the products even better. Below you can find an overview of the awards.