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gazelle - market leader in the netherlands

Gazelle has a market share of +/- 25% and produces approximately 300,000 bicycles a year. Those vital statistics make them one of the largest players in the market. The bicycles that are produced by the company have to appeal to a large and broad target audience in terms of looks, price, engineering, etc.

Gazelle is the Netherlands’ best known bicycle brand. Approximately 97% of all Dutch households possess a bicycle and 90% of the population knows of Gazelle. Gazelle is a Dutch icon.

We are privileged to have had the honour of collaborating with Gazelle for many years.

Gazelle logo

Gazelle logo

bicycle collection

In the bicycle industry, it is customary to introduce a new bicycle collection each autumn, which is mainly made up of completely new models. The new range includes changes to technology and specifications, but the most important changes are those made to the product’s colour and graphics; in other words how the bicycle is styled.

Gazelle is a leading brand that focuses strongly on quality and engineering. However bicycle sales are also largely determined by appearance. Does the styling communicate the product’s quality effectively? What else does the design communicate? Does the bicycle appeal to its target audience?

Gazelle’s collection consists of many different types of bicycle: sports models, electrically powered models, utilitarian models, basic models, etc. Consumers are sometimes very old-fashioned, but also sometimes progressive. Sometimes young and open to refreshing ideas and sometimes old and conservative. Or young and conservative, or old but still young at heart.
Price thresholds in the market and margin generation per bicycle are of major importance in determining a balanced range. This combination of factors has been refined during the course of many years to create a balanced product range that is well matched to target buyers’ needs.

target group focussed styling

In the case of bicycles (just like skis or tennis rackets), the product’s form is strongly influenced by its function. The form of the frame and/or various parts do not essentially change the bicycle’s overall appearance.

This is why colour and product graphics are so important. They essentially determine the bicycle’s look. So a stylishly sign-written Gazelle on a lady’s model using a modern font can create a unique bicycle that sells well. Gazelle’s brand identity is not so much embodied by the dogmatic use of a specific corporate style but by an unwavering focus on the target audience.

bicycle styling

The colour, choice of materials and painstakingly detailed product graphics give a bicycle its unique character. We work based on an overall picture and refine the design down to the tiniest detail.

The most surprising things can be relevant; the colour of the valve cap for example, or the colours used for the underside of a saddle or the inside of a mudguard. This sometimes requires a logistic tour de force, but we know from practical experience that consumers really appreciate these touches.

our inspiration

Brands like Gazelle value us for our creativity. We specialise in styling and design. Working with colour/shapes/styling on a daily basis is part of our DNA. We visit relevant exhibitions and constantly look for design cues in daily life.

Exhibitions like Bread and Butter (Fashion & Streetwear), Salon Mobile (Milan), Ispo (an outdoor exhibition in Munich) or the Eurobike trade fair (Friedrichshafen) provide a good indication of general style and colour trends. Our job is to translate those trends into commercially successful products that reflect the Gazelle brand and help to strengthen Gazelle as a company.

the process

One of our strengths is that we can manage all aspects of a project from start to finish.

It all starts with a good design, which is then presented in the form of prototypes. We assist and advise Gazelle in deciding which bicycles will be included in the new collection. We create all the relevant working drawings that are required for managing production at Gazelle and its suppliers’ facilities. We use our extensive internal contacts within Gazelle, from board level down to the shop floor, to intervene directly and without complication and help resolve possible problems.

the result

We are proud of our collaboration with Gazelle. We have won a great many prizes and “bicycle of the year” awards for Gazelle.

In terms of styling, Gazelle’s bicycle collection is a bicycle industry benchmark.
But we stay alert and focused in the knowledge that each year brings the challenge of creating even better designs that will help to make Gazelle stronger still!


Through the years, the products of Gazelle have won numerous awards. This makes us proud but also helps Gazelle selling the products even better. Below you can find an overview of the awards.

- Fiets van het Jaar: Gazelle Road Cruiser
- Gelderse vormgevingsprijs: Gazelle Switch verstelbare stuurpen
- Goed Industrieel Ontwerp: Gazelle Switch verstelbare stuurpen
- Fiets van het Jaar: Gazelle Expresso
- Gelderse vormgevingsprijs: Gazelle Expresso
- Shimano European Bicycle design contest: Gazelle Expresso
- Fiets van het Jaar: Gazelle Sky Drive
- Kho Liang Le: Gazelle Tranza
- Gelderse vormgevingsprijs: Gazelle Tranza
- Goed Industrieel Ontwerp: Gazelle Tranza
- Nominatie Ned Designprijzen: Gazelle Seat Switch
- Nominatie Ned Designprijzen: Gazelle Ultimate
- Fiets van het jaar: Gazelle Orange Limited Edition
- Nederlandse Design Prijzen: Gazelle Cabby kinderbakfiets
- Fiets van het Jaar: Gazelle Innergy
- Designpreis Deutschland: Gazelle Cabby
- Fiets van het jaar: Gazelle Eclipse

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